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If Airlines Were Honest – Honest Ads

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Oh, Listen to the Captain with his speech about, oh nothing.

Fun for Adults | Disney Cruise Line

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Disney Cruises – Things to do for Adults Everyone knows there’s magic for kids and families aboard the Disney Magic. http://di.sn/60047jgQ But what about fun just for grown-ups? Take a sneak peek at the fresh new adult spaces planned for


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I have seen this skate boarding guy before on his carpet, got to see how the public reacts…..

Tickle Bug Spider Prank!

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Many people hate spiders… specially the big ones. What happens when a guy pulls the worst spider prank on the public! a must see……..

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Prank

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What to do when Zombie Apocalypse Happens

Did NASA Send Astronauts To Another Planet?

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Did NASA Send Astronauts To Another Planet? Does the secret UFO report from the 1970’s prove that NASA sent astronauts to another planet to meet with aliens?

7 Supercars You Never Knew Existed

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Amazing supercars and sports cars you had no idea existed….

The Slowest Supercar in the World

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The Acura NSX is certainly not a slow car – with 573 hp, it’s anything but. However, we’ve been waiting for this car for almost a decade. It’s finally here, with a bespoke, 500-hp twin-turbo V-6 and three electric motors

8 Signs You Grew Up In The South

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8 Signs You Grew Up In The South