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This is for the week beginning 7th May through to the 13th May 2018. It is for all signs and gives us a sense of the general energies, themes and trends that we may be dealing with. For more information

Flyover the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge Construction Site | Disney Parks

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While the highly anticipated Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge lands won’t debut to Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort guests until 2019, eager fans can take a voyage over the Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge construction site – right now! Read more

This Company Will Pay You $10,000 a Month to Travel The World and Stay in Luxury Homes

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13 Amazing Unreal Places

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Here are 13 amazing places on earth that are definitely worth adding to your bucket list. The world is filled with surreal beauty, both natural and man made.

Top 10 Mysterious Things Found Frozen In Ice Antarctica

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10 Strange, creepy and shocking things found on the ice in Antarctica, global warming opens the veil of secrecy over unique finds that have been buried in the ice for centuries and centuries. Subscribe to our channel – All

10 Most Beautiful Islands In The World

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We ranked the 10 Most Beautiful Islands in the World – or at least we tried. (Part1) Most expensive islands:… Ever wondered which are the most beautiful islands in the world or which is the best island? Well, in

LEGENDARY All You Can Eat Buffet in Manila Philippines – Spiral Buffet Review by Mike Xing Chen

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Mike Xing Chen visits the Spiral Buffet in Manila, Philippines. I heard about Spiral Buffet 4 years ago, and since then I have been dying to go. Today, I FINALLY entered one of the most INCREDIBLE all you can eat

The Rock Are Alive

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The Rocks Were Alive! Proof that the rocks were once alive! These pictures are just the tip of the ice berg, more and more are being brought to our attention every single day. The ROCKS Around The World WERE ONCE

Make money fast

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The Ultimate Tiny House on Wheels

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The “Denali” by Timbercraft Tiny Homes in Alabama is one of those setups where you just sit back and think “wow” because of the extreme attention to detail in every inch throughout the home both inside and outside. I love