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New 2018 MacBook Pro – Features Wishlist & Rumors!

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018 MacBook & MacBook Pro updates coming soon! My top 5 features wishlist + rumors! WWDC 2018! Dave2D 2018 MacBook Predictions!… Black Camo by dbrand – 2018 updates to the 13 inch MacBook Air, 13 inch MacBook Pro

How To Make $15/Hour Surfing On Google Without Any Experience

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My #1 Recommendation To Earning Income Online CLICK HERE ?????? Do you seek the solution to a real home based business ? In this vide I explain the two websites that are looking for people to work from home.

Something’s NOT Right Here..

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iPhone X – 3 Months Later Experience

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iPhone X – 3 Month Later Experience! Hello there all, and welcome to my Apple iPhone X 3 Month later experience video. After having purchased the iPhone X at launch, I have used the device quite a bit and have


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Giveaway:… In this episode of the shredder show you will see what happens when you shred different iPhone models, from the very first iPhone 2 or “First Gen” to the iPhone 5 S

Real Voice Of Siri!!!

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Real Voice Of Siri is Susan Bennett (CNN) “I’m the original voice of Siri.” That’s the quote CNN attributes to Susan Bennett, a voice talent that says her voice was used for Apple’s virtual assistant. “I wasn’t sure that I

Apple TV vs Amazon Fire TV – Which One to Buy?

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Fire TV with 4K Ultra HD and Alexa Voice Remote (Pendant Design) | Streaming Media Player— Apple TV Total Wall Mount— Full review and comparison of the newest generation Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. Winner chosen during the last

Amazon Echo Show review

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<a target="_blank" href="“>Shop Amazon Devices – Save $70 on Echo Show Amazon’s latest Alexa-equipped device is basically an Echo with a screen on it. But don’t let that sway you, there are a lot of things you can do with

Can Your iPhone Stop a Bullet With 60 Glass Screen Protectors?

0 314 0 Can 60 Glass Screen Protectors Make Your iPhone Bulletproof? iPhone vs AR-15 With 20, 40 & 60 Layers Of Screen Protectors!

iPhone X Drop Test!

0 246 0 iPhone X Brutal DROP Test. How Durable Is The Expensive iPhone X With Stainless Steel Borders & OLED Display? Super Impressive! iPhone X Water Test: iPhone X Unboxing: