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Machine Learning Deep Learning Applications Live

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Why are Machine Learning and Deep Learning required in Every Business? Couple of Use Cases.. By Navin Manaswi LinkedIn : Deep Learning Book :

LIVE TELESCOPE AND THE MOON We can see clearly now the rain is gone 51119

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**If you don't like the music, mute it and play what you want.** FACEBOOK: TWITTER: The best way to support what we do is getting yourself one the T-shirts below. The Music In these Streams Is Provided By

Weekly Space Hangout May 8 2019 Dr Henry Hsieh talks Active Asteroids

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We record the Weekly Space Hangout every Wednesday at 5:00 pm Pacific / 8:00 pm Eastern. You can watch us live on Universe Today or the Weekly Space Hangout YouTube page. Dr. Henry Hsieh's primary interest is investigating the nature

2019 Robotics Mining Challenge Day 1

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2019 Robotics Mining Challenge Day 1 Time Stamps: 00:26:00 NDSU 00:48:27 University of Akron 01:10:20 Marquette University 01:30:15 Case Western Reserve University 01:54:47 College of Dupage 02:20:44 University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign 02:36:48 University of Kentucky 03:03:30 Purdue University 03:26:03

Whats inside Apple AirPods

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8000 per month business

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NASAs Look at Clouds and Climate live public talk

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April 18, 7 p.m. PT (10 p.m. ET, 0300 UTC) Earth is the most-observed planet in our system and there is a fleet of satellites looking down at our skies, giving scientists a deeper understanding of our ever-changing clouds and

Macs are SLOWER than PCs Heres why

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Sign up for Private Internet Access VPN at Powerful, attractive, and affordable, check out these gaming desktops starting at $349.99 or shop for new laptop or monitor: Thanks to Computer Upgrade King for sponsoring! Apple's got some great

Atlassian Summit 2019 Open and the Future of Work

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Open work is what we do at Atlassian. It's in the DNA of our products and we bring it to life through our practices. Megha Narayan, Head of Brand, will share new data on the connection between open work and

Commercial Reporting Process for the California Building Energy Benchmarking Program

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TABLE OF CONTENTS 00:00:00 – Introduction and Table of Contents 00:01:51 – Background: California Energy Commission Actions 00:03:06 – Assembly Bill 802 (2015) Regulations and Goals 00:08:19 – Assembly Bill 802 Definitions and Deadlines 00:15:50 – How to Comply: Expected