Mother Elephant attack 5Lion to save baby Elephant

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Mother Elephant attack 5Lion to save baby Elephant, The big attack of lion failed

Hampster washing himself with soap

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Lathering up and scrubbing itself down, this astonishing footage appears to show a wild rat washing itself like a human in a shower. The bizarre video, reportedly taken in a bathroom sink in Huaraz city, Ancash, Peru, shows the rat

FUNNY and CUTE puppies compilation

0 68 3 This try not to laugh challenge is very difficult because puppies can’t fail to make you laugh! Look at how cute and funny they are! Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other

Thermal Predator Hunting | 45 Coyotes Down

0 164 1 Epic thermal predator hunting video footage from O’Neill Ops. 45 coyotes down captured through the Trijicon IR Hunter MKIII 35m thermal scope. Rifle: “The Coyote Rifle” CR MOD 0 – MK 1 chambered in 22-250 match from Longrifles Inc.

Lioness Snatches a Photographer’s Camera

0 59 0 Bush explorer Barbara Jensen Vorster, 57, was taking pictures of the pride from a 4×4 in the Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana in July when the equipment fell to the ground. Hearing the thud, a protective lioness jumped up

Pete’s Pond Live Stream

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It’s Pete’s Pond A live video feed of his pond day and night for relaxation or just curiosity of what’s up. YES there are fish

FUNNY CATS! ??? 2018

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no content just enjoy the video

POWER Of The LION the Most Powerful Big Cat in Africa

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This clip features some of the most amazing Lion attack moments, including Lions vs Crocodile, Lion vs Zebra, Lion vs Hyena, Lions hunting Cape Buffalo and other incredible lion attack moment. Truly a magnificent and powerful animal to watch. Amazing

Brave humans saving a giant elephant from a wire trap

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Video- Brave humans saving a giant elephant from a wire trap. Wildlife officers spotted this humble giant having such a hard time breathing and eating due to its injured trunk. This is not a situation to take lightly, so these

Funny Puppy Travel Around Countryside – Rural Dogs Happy With German Dog

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