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How to Train a Dog to “Sit”

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My mom and dad are doing a DietBet. You can here;

Supplies you need for a puppy!

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For More Information; I made this video about a year ago when was getting my puppy gabby I hope this help you guys out good luck with your little ones.

6 MUST HAVE Items Every Dog Owner Needs

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For More Information; 6 Must have items every dog owner needs, 1. A Crate A crate is not a bad thing! It’s not a place to put your dog when it’s bad! Think of a crate as your dog’s

Backyard Chickens

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I have t together a video of the funny antics of the humble backyard chicken. Prepare for the laughs!

Say NO to Battery Farming!!!

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If you care about our chickens or are a chicken owner or lover. Here is the plight of the battery hen that we still need to fight.

What happens when the tiniest dog meets the biggest dog…

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Best Dog Toys This is what happens when the tiniest dog meets the biggest dog at the park…

Cat Lovers Viral Videos

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See the video of the most beautiful cat in the world! Do you like animals? Like cats? So find here the toy or present more nice and cheap for your pet. CAT STORE – LPS PERSIAN cat Littlest Pet

Pet News And Information

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Pet News And Information