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Become a better pit bull owner in less than 4 minutes

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Best Dog Training Tips:

Teach Dog to Stop Barking

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To Buy Premium Dog Products;

How to Train a Dog to “Sit”

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My mom and dad are doing a DietBet. You can here;

Supplies you need for a puppy!

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For More Information; I made this video about a year ago when was getting my puppy gabby I hope this help you guys out good luck with your little ones.

6 MUST HAVE Items Every Dog Owner Needs

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For More Information; 6 Must have items every dog owner needs, 1. A Crate A crate is not a bad thing! It’s not a place to put your dog when it’s bad! Think of a crate as your dog’s

Backyard Chickens

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I have t together a video of the funny antics of the humble backyard chicken. Prepare for the laughs!

Say NO to Battery Farming!!!

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If you care about our chickens or are a chicken owner or lover. Here is the plight of the battery hen that we still need to fight.

What happens when the tiniest dog meets the biggest dog…

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Best Dog Toys This is what happens when the tiniest dog meets the biggest dog at the park…