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Kelly Shackelford Live at Gateway Church – Stand Alone Sermon – S1 Event 1

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Watch the entire service live @

FGHT Dallas: Who Is My Neighbor? (Part 2)

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Preached by Apostle Herman Murray, Jr.

FGHT Dallas: Sin & Sickness

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Preached by Apostle Herman L. Murray Jr. Scripture text: Psalms 103:1-3

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Can a person be both strong and gentle? Liz Waid and Joshua Leo look at the life of judo expert Sensei Keiko Fukuda. Download our app for Android at Download our app for iOS at Are you

15 To Float

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Driving on flooded roads is dangerous, and it doesn’t take much to make your car become unstable, lose traction or wash away. According to a float tank experiment using real vehicles at the University of NSW Water Research Laboratory, a

Das ENDE von dagilp_lbh?!

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Ein sehr wichtiges Video – bitte anschauen! Falls ihr noch Fragen habt, dann stellt sie in den Kommentaren, ich werde versuchen alle zu beantworten! 🙂

Kanon Tipton Is Baby Preacher Reborn Again

0 168 0 Is it okay to try and make money from a little 4-year-old kid preaching in church? This includes excerpts from a “National Geographic” special and a commentary/analysis and is protected under “fair use” of U.S. copyright law. This is

Voices from the Ms. Foundation, #MyFeminismIs

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Amazon Echo & Alexa Hear from staff and board members of the Ms. Foundation about what their Feminism looks like and why they continue to fight for equal rights.