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Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Endorsements (Web Exclusive)

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Lаѕt Week Tonight wіtһ John Oliver: Endorsements (Web Exclusive) Connect wіtһ Lаѕt Week Tonight online… Subscribe tо tһе Lаѕt Week Tonight YouTube channel fог mоге аӏmоѕt news аѕ іt аӏmоѕt happens:

Dallas shooting: Who are the victims? – TomoNews

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DALLAS — Thursday’s shooting in Dallas during a peaceful protest resulted in 12 officers and two civilians shot; five officers have died.

Micah Xavier Johnson: what we know about the Dallas shooting gunman and his attack – TomoNews

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. Micah Xavier Johnson: what we know about the Dallas shooting gunman and his attack – TomoNews

Dallas police sniper attack: how the ambush unfolded – TomoNews

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DALLAS — A military veteran carried out the worst attack on police in Dallas’ history on Thursday evening, killing five officers and wounding seven more before he was killed by a robot-controlled bomb.

GRAPHIC VIDEO – Louisiana Cop Shoots & Murders Alton Sterling Outside Convenience Store

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Chilling cell phone video surfaced Tuesday of two Louisiana cops killing a 37-year-old man selling music outside a Baton Rouge convenience store after an anonymous caller claimed he had a gun.

Donald Trump

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Trump: ‘Trained teachers’ should be allowed to carry guns

Why Bernie Sanders is Actually Winning

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Did you remember to subtract then re-add the super delegates?

Current Events Now

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Current Events Now

Donald Trump’s Huge Campaign Announcement

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This is something you’re going to be hearing a lot about over the next several days. Donald Trump recently made a bombshell revelation that could make you question everything you know about the state of American politics.

Best Viral Videos

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Donald Trump has officially announced that he’s running in the 2016 Presidential Race of the United States. This is a real thing that’s happening. Will you be voting for The Donald?st Viral Videos Online