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“FIRST REPUBLICAN DEBATE HIGHLIGHTS: 2015” — A Bad Lip Reading of The Republican Debate

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The potential Republican candidates weigh in on a variety of issues.

The Original Material Girl Is Back

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Sarah Palin’s linguistically acrobatic endorsement of Donald Trump wasn’t fair to the rest of the candidates. So Stephen’s got a Palin endorsement for everyone.

How Dangerous is Russia?

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Russian deployment into Crimea has been deeply troubling for the Western powers. But is this expansionism a serious threat or is it simply a desperate attempt by Putin to flex the little amount of power his country retains?

How Dangerous Is North Korea?

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Kim Jong-un has no problem flaunting his country’s military might. But just how much of a threat does North Korea really pose to it’s neighbours and the rest of the world? Find out here with Alltime Conspiracies.

Stephen Makes A Ben Carson Entrance

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The Late Show pays homage to the greatest moment in the 2016 presidential race so far.

Bernie Sanders – The President We’ve Been Waiting For

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See why we need Bernie Sanders #FeelTheBern

Marco Rubio Short-Circuits, Repeats Same Scripted Line Four Times During GOP Debate Sharon Moon Sharon Moon

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Marco Rubio Short-Circuits, Repeats Same Scripted Line Four Times During GOP Debate

Ben Carson Hilariously Blows GOP Debate Entrance

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Saturday night’s Republican Presidential Debate in New Hampshire got off to a great start even before it started. As ABC News’ David Muir introduced the candidates, retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson caused a comical logjam in the wings when he missed

Election 2016: Iowa caucus explained

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Iowa is made up of 99 counties, divided into 1,681 precincts where party members will decide which delegates will go on to county conventions.