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Growing Elite Marijuana

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How To Grow The Best Bud On The Planet

My Weed Seed Store

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Our wide and varied selection of feminized, indoor, outdoor seeds combined with our excellent customer/patient care is without equal on the world wide web.

Growing Elite Marijuana

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How To Grow The Best Bud On The Planet


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Very Cool Chair Goes Back To Start – Want One 🙂

A Very Satisfying Video

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I don’t know if this is truly the most satisfying video in the world as it claims to be but it certainly captured my attention and was fun to watch.

Edible Water Blob

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Hiiii !! I wanted to make these edible water bottles to test them out myself and see how efficient they really are .. They look super cool, and the fact that they can possibly help the earth reduce pollution definitely

Rocking Chair

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“Chop with Chris” shows us how easy it is to make a rocking chair in five minutes without using any power tools.

Funny Moments

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Yarrrr it be tme to sail the seven seas in that there Prop Hunt mateys! Pirate Bros: Greyface Mark:… Blackbeard Bob: Scurvy Dog Wade:… ►Subscribe for more great content : ►Follow me on Twitter :

Using a Ho

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