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How to Make Money Online in 2016 – NEW Method

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If you want to know how to make money online in 2016 then this is something you should try!

Tai Lopez Reads Mean Tweets #1

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A fan emailed me and said I should do like Jimmy Kimmel Live does and have me read mean tweets and also some Youtube and Instagram mean comments from haters. Here are a few of my favorites. Most of my

Should You Drop Out Of College (Official): It’s Not A Simple Answer…

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My opinion on college? Some should go. Some shouldn’t. If going to college is part of a concrete, well-thought out strategy – then go. But if you are only going to college because you haven’t taken the time to figure

Mom Dance

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Comedian and One Funny Mother, Dena Blizzard can’t get her kids to listen to her. Check out what moms are forced to do…to get their kids to listen.

Is Your Idea Stupid? Lessons From John Lennon And The Beatles

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Be careful when you tell people their idea is stupid. I was reading this LIFE magazine story of John Lennon from The Beatles. His aunt, Mimi, said that he would never make it. I can’t think of anything crazier than


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Earn $250 Multiple Times Per Day!

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Massive Shopify Conversions

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JASON BOURNE – First Look (HD)

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Matt Damon returns to his most iconic role in Jason Bourne. Paul Greengrass, the director of The Bourne Supremacy and The Bourne Ultimatum, once again joins Damon for the next chapter of Universal Pictures’ Bournefranchise, which finds the CIA’s most

MLM Video Agency

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One minute of video is worth 1.8 million words.