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In fact, this formula is so good that while you were busy looking for Turkey to slaughter for Christmas, I completed a campaign that made me over $51,000 the same day and I still ate a lot of Turkey!

Zen Titan

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January 20th, Near YOU: I’ve Made $2.84 Million In “1 Click” Affiliate Commissions (Now It’s YOUR Turn To Exploit The Google & YouTube FREE Traffic Loophole with JVZoo, Amazon http://jvz9.com/c/486935/244311

Do’s and Dont’s of Influencer Marketing

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In this video Agnes Kozera, Will Shepherd and Adam Hendle tackle the do’s and dont’s of influencer marketing. From tips on the best type of content to start with when getting your feet wet with influencer marketing to common traps

Tai Lopez Affiliate Contest

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Creative Commons Attribution license (reuse allowed)

Exact Model

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Words That Make You Money

The Stupidest Way To Think

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Feel like you’re owed something? Truth is, that kind of narcissistic entitlement could be holding you back and is the opposite of health, wealth, love, and happiness.


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Election 2016 discussed by all generations.

5 Things Girls Do That Piss Me Off

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I love girls but i hate y’all at the same time. ugh. send this to a girl, lol.

School Sucks

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Doesn’t school suck? Send this video to a teacher @ your school, lol!

These Kids Must Be Stopped #4

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funny compilations these kids must be stopped