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Mean Tweets – Country Music Edition #2

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Country music fans are some of the most appreciative and enthusiastic fans of all. But just like any group of fans, there are always a few rotten apples

Ryan Reynolds & Conan Star In “The Notebook 2” – CONAN on TBS

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CONAN Highlight: Forget about prosciutto underpants and anti-dolphin documentaries, Ryan’s new project involves his own true love, Conan O’Brien.

DIY GIANT WAX HAND!!! (100+ LAYERS) WolfieRaps WolfieRaps

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How to make the world’s biggest WAX HAND!! I can’t believe that this actually worked. Can we smash 200,000 LIKES WolfFam?! Let’s goooo!

Guys Try Crazy Miley Cyrus Outfits

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The pasties don’t leave much to the imagination…

Jimmy and Kevin Hart Visit a Haunted House

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Jimmy and Kevin Hart Visit a Haunted House

Give Yourself Chills Experiment

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This episode might give you the chills! See if your hair stands up.

These Workers Are Very Precise in Their Scooping

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I can’t believe they measure each shovel full soooo precisely.

Party Fails | “Drunk Fails” By FailArmy 2016

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We all have a few (0-100) friends that we can trust to take any celebration to epic levels. They DGAF and we love them for it.

YouTube Challenge – I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy 2016

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For each of the past five years we’ve asked parents to pretend they ate all their kids’ Halloween Candy and post video of it to YouTube.