Carnival Tips and Tricks

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Added by October 11, 2018

Hey cruisers Welcome to CruiseTipsTV and thank you for joining us for another awesome Vlogtoberfest LIVE chat and giveaway This time were talking Carnival Cruises My FIRST cruise was on Carnival and its where I learned about this wonderful world of pampering and FUN so were excited for todays livestream
Back in 2016 seems like yesterday we recorded our first Carnival tips and tricks video a hrefhttpsyoutubeUyfTeBmD2qohttpsyoutubeUyfTeBmD2qoa Most everything in that video still holds true and in todays livestream well cover the best tips for cruising with Carnival in 2018 and hear what our subscribers have to say about getting the very most fun and value from their Carnival sailings If youre a firsttime Carnival cruiser dont miss this livestream

Dont forget our wonderful sponsor a hrefhttpscruiselinecomutmsourceyoutubeutmcampaigncttvhttpscruiselinecomutmsourceyoutubeutmcampaigncttva

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