Brainwaves 432 Hz Delta Third Eye Chakra Ajna

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About the 6. Chakra (Third Eye):
Ajna (Sanskrit: ?????, IAST: ?jñ?, IPA: [a???a?]), guru chakra or third-eye chakra, is the sixth primary chakra in the body according to Hindu tradition. It is supposedly a part of the brain which can be made more powerful through meditation, yoga and other spiritual practices just as a muscle is. In Hindu tradition, it signifies the subconscious mind, the direct link to the brahman. While a person's two eyes see the physical world, the third eye is believed to reveal insights about the future. The third eye chakra is said to connect people to their intuition, give them the ability to communicate with the world, or help them receive messages from the past and the future.(

Sit or lie comfortably. Headphones on and relax.

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