Best the voice Australia all of time Blind

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Best the voice Australia all of time Blind

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Publisert 15. aug. 2014


List song : 01: One more Night – Chris Sheehy 02: Scarborough_Fair – Celia Pavey 03: Broken Vow – Harrison Craig 04: Brand New Key – Kaity Dunstan 05: Un Giorno Per Noi A Time For Us – Luke Kennedy 06: Girl On Fire – Kathy Hinch 07: It's A Man's World – Karise Eden kariseeden 08:Teenage Dream – Kelsie Rimmer KelsieRimmer 09: La_Vie_En_Rose – Rachael Leahcar rachaeleahcar 10: Apologise – Adam Martin 11: Gravity – Brittany Cairns 12: Mercy – Emma-Louise Birdsall

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