Assetto Corsa Initial D VS Eng Sub

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Added by May 22, 2019

Assetto Corsa × Initial D Playlist: I feel so sorry that I have to occupy you for over 20 minutes if you are going to watch my new video completely. Even for me, it is unbelievable that the video length of this video is close to one episodes'. Grip modified the car mods for me which make every car sticks to the origin and is in extremely high quality level. He is one of the heroes to make this video come true! Besides, ChickenMax and KEithEn tried their best in role-playing. They spent a lot of time in practicing before we film in order to get the best result. They did a very good job and I appreciate their dedication. I am very grateful when I upload a new video every time. There are so much support from you in the comment. And every time we can group more and more Initial D fans together to discuss about the anime which is quite moving for me and give me motivation to carry on and work harder. Thank you guys for paying attention to my channel! Mod: Cars Toyota Corolla AE86 by Grip – Private mod Honda Ek9 Modified by Grip- (Similar Mod: Initial D FC3S from Initial D Pack for AC v1.0: Mazda RX-7 A-spec by Touge Workshop: HONDA INTEGRA DC2 TYPE R – By Patrick Melo Modesto – Mitsubishi Lancer EVOIII – Happogahara by 90's Golden Drift Spot Project (Contact the author in FB pagebook for the full version and it is a paid mod): Shaders Patch – Dynamic Lights: Clear to Night: Joycam – By Stereo: Driver Workshop Mod V1.2 – By CC:

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