Army Packing Hack: How to Army Fold a T-Shirt, Basic Training Style – The Best Ranger Roll Tutorial

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Added by October 31, 2018

Survival Tips:

Here’s a brief tutorial on how to Ranger roll an Army tan T-shirt or any other T-shirt for that matter. If you found this helpful, please give it a like and comment below, even if simply to say “thanks.”

This will help you out bunches if you’re fixing to go on a trip or PCS, or to basic training or any other military school. Either way, with a bit of patience you can pack your clothing a LOT tighter than you would with most other methods of folding.

Check out my other videos also. If you want more Ranger-rolling tutorials, comment and subscribe, and I will upload them when I have time. Most clothing can be Ranger-rolled (socks, underwear, pants, etc.), so if you want to see it, speak up! 🙂



ACU Trousers Ranger Roll:

ACU Top Ranger Roll:…

Underwear Ranger Roll:…

Underpants Ranger Roll:

Patrol Cap Ranger Roll:

Green Boot Sock Ranger Roll:

Double Sock Ranger Roll:

Single Sock Ranger Roll:

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