AIM Global Uganda Amazing Opportunity Plan Presentation

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Added by December 16, 2018

AIM Global Uganda Amazing Opportunity Plan Presentation !


We are open to 200 countries…

For deliveries…Philippines only..

Click this Website:

For Outside Philippines..

1. Go to Shop Link:

2. Purchase any of the "AW COMBO PACK" or "AIM World Package". Highly recomended are AW COMBO PACK 3 A, AW COMBO PACK 3 B OR AW COMBO PACK 7 and this is the Best .

3. Company will email you a CODE and instructions how to register your account.

4. Before you can register that code, you will need your placement in the system.

5. There are TWO (2) NUMBERS needed for your placement in the system such as UPLINE ID & SPONSOR ID and use this ID ME471345 for both. Those are very important to get registered in AIM WORLD BUSINESS SYSTEM.

For more information and or clarification just simply send me a message and it's my pleasure to assist, guide and help you.

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