5 Dumbest Ways People Have Died While Having Sex

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Added by June 14, 2016

Imagine climbing into bed with your significant other for a night of passionate freaking only to keel over dead at the end of it all. Believe it or not, people often die during sex and, more often than not, it’s a result of sheer stupidity, and maybe some alcohol. Some fall to their deaths while trying to change into doggy-style, others gulp down a bottle of Viagra, thus inducing a heart attack. There have even been records and rumors of popes dying while doing the dirty. Though, there’s really no surprise there.
Click on for some of the most hilarious, sad, ironic, and disturbing deaths that have resulted during sex and decide for yourself.
List : Unbelievably Insane Deaths During Sex

05. Death by snu snu – A Russian man died after guzzling a bottle of Viagra to keep him going for a 12-hour orgy with two female pals.

04. Chelsea Tumbleston and Brent Tyler – South Carolina Coeds Fall to Death During Sex on Building

03. Kirsten Taylor, death via electric nipple clamps

02. Woman mauled to death by lion as she made love to her boyfriend in the African bush

01. Woman killed while man loses his legs while having sex on train tracks



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