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Added by October 31, 2018

Following the success of our first “21 Jobs of the Future” report, we present this second edition, proposing 21 MORE jobs that in time will come to replace work that is being automated away. Our proposed jobs aren’t the only jobs of the future, simply some. Once again, we’ve oriented the jobs around the two axes of tech-centricity and time. Some of the jobs will be highly technical, while others will be more low-tech. Some are already observable in the marketplace (if you squint), while some are years away from coming to fruition. Some will propel a career for 60 years, while others will be “gigs” that come and go. However work changes in the future, our foundational belief is that human imagination and ingenuity will be the source of human work ad infinitum. Our research into “21 MORE Jobs of the Future” starts from that assumption.
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