2018 – 2019 Top 6 Best Laptops to Buy

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Added by October 9, 2018

Latest laptops

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Microsoft Surface Pro 6 a hrefhttpsamznto2RoCgFGhttpsamznto2RoCgFGa

Lenovo Yoga 73013IKB 81CT0042IN 133inch Full HD Laptop 8th Gen I58250U8GB DDR4512GB SSDWindows 10 a hrefhttpsamznto2E4X8zohttpsamznto2E4X8zoa

ASUS VivoBook 15 X510UF X510UFEJ592T Core i5 8th Gen4GB DDR416G optane1TB HDD156 FHDWindows a hrefhttpsamznto2DVnP9thttpsamznto2DVnP9ta

Asus VivoBook S14 Core i37th Gen S406UABM231T a hrefhttpsamznto2zPt0nphttpsamznto2zPt0npa

ASUS Zenbook UX430UNGV059T 14 IPS Full HD Core i78550U 8th Gen 8GB DDR 4 512GB SSD Windows 10 a hrefhttpsamznto2RuM4y6httpsamznto2RuM4y6a

Asus Zenbook 13 UX331UALEG011T 133 FHD Intel Core i58250U8th Gen 8GB DDR3 512GB SSD Intel HD Graphics Finger Print Reader a hrefhttpsamznto2DVuv7Chttpsamznto2DVuv7Ca

Asus ZenBook 3 UX390UAGS048T 125inch Laptop Core i77500U16GB512GBWindows 10Integrated Graphics a hrefhttpsamznto2QqqFVphttpsamznto2QqqFVpa

Asus VivoBook S14 Core i37th Gen S406UABM231T Icicle Gold90NB0FX1 M05070 a hrefhttpsamznto2RnhBSphttpsamznto2RnhBSpa

Dell latitude E5470 a hrefhttpsamznto2KDejGqhttpsamznto2KDejGqa

2 HP Spectre 13v122TU 133inch Laptop Core i77500U8GB512GBWindows 10 ProIntegrated Graphics a hrefhttpsamznto2rYVIwZhttpsamznto2rYVIwZa

3 HP Envy13ab070TU Notebook Core i7 7th Gen 8 GB512 GB SSD Windows 10 Home 133 inch Gold a hrefhttpsamznto2GB4Rkqhttpsamznto2GB4Rkqa

4 Microsoft Surface Pro Corei5 7th Gen4GB128GBWindows 10 ProIntegrated Graphics Silver a hrefhttpsamznto2wWSuzGhttpsamznto2wWSuzGa

5 Microsoft Surface Pro Corei7 7th Gen8GB256GBWindows 10 ProIntegrated Graphics Silver a hrefhttpsamznto2rYzZ8ahttpsamznto2rYzZ8aa

6 Lenovo Yoga 72013IKB 80X600FSIN 13inch Laptop 7th Gen Intel Core i78GB512GBWindows 10Integrated Graphics Grey a hrefhttpsamznto2rZexjkhttpsamznto2rZexjka

7 Lenovo Yoga 52014IKB 80X800RWIN 14inch Laptop 7th Gen Core i57200U8GB1TBWindows 10Integrated Graphics a hrefhttpsamznto2wU4SQQhttpsamznto2wU4SQQa

8 ASUS K510UQBQ667T 2017 156inch Laptop Grey a hrefhttpsamznto2IvPBeChttpsamznto2IvPBeCa

9 Asus Vivobook S15 S510UnBq070T 8Th Gen Intel Coretm I5 8250U Processor8GB Ddr41TB Hdd 128 GB Ssd156FhdWin 10 HomeGold a hrefhttpsamznto2LcmSZQhttpsamznto2LcmSZQa

10 ASUS VivoBook S15 S510UNBQ148T a hrefhttpsamznto2rYAjUqhttpsamznto2rYAjUqa

Super Powerful Laptops

Microsoft Surface Book 2 Intel Core i7 16GB RAM 1TB 135 a hrefhttpsamznto2GxQhu4httpsamznto2GxQhu4a

Gaming Laptops
Acer Nitro AN51531 156inch Notebook Core i7 8550U8GB1TBWindows 102GB Graphics Black Rs 599999 a hrefhttpsamznto2AkGKbPhttpsamznto2AkGKbPa
Dell Inspiron Gaming Inspiron 5577 156inch Laptop rs 699999 a hrefhttpsamznto2AksS1nhttpsamznto2AksS1na
Acer Nitro Spin NP51551 156inch Laptop Black rs 67999 a hrefhttpsamznto2AjHy0Dhttpsamznto2AjHy0Da
ASUS TUF FX504GDE4363T 156inch Laptop l rs 72990 a hrefhttpsamznto2LJQIYYhttpsamznto2LJQIYYa
HP Pavilion Notebook 15bc407TX 2018 156inch Laptop rs 78290 a hrefhttpsamznto2OovZZjhttpsamznto2OovZZja
MSI GL63 8RD455IN 2018 156inch Laptop Core i58300H8GB128GB SSD1TBWindows 104GB Graphics Black rs84213 a hrefhttpsamznto2AgOQCghttpsamznto2AgOQCga
Acer Nitro AN51551 156 inches Notebook Black Rs 85985 a hrefhttpsamznto2AjJR3Nhttpsamznto2AjJR3Na
ASUS TUF FX504GEEN224T Gun Metal RS 90999 a hrefhttpsamznto2AkGRULhttpsamznto2AkGRULa

BUDGET Laptops
Lenovo Ideapad 320E 80XH0169IN 156inch Laptop 6th Gen Core i36006U8GBDOS Onyx Black Rs 33500 a hrefhttpsamznto2Om1WkVhttpsamznto2Om1WkVa
Asus Vivobook Max A541UvDm977T Black Rs 33000 a hrefhttpsamznto2vh31l1httpsamznto2vh31l1a
Lenovo Ideapad 32080XH01HSIN Core i3 6th Gen 4GB Ram 1TB Hard Disk 156 FHD Windows 10 rs33000 a hrefhttpsamznto2LKk2yAhttpsamznto2LKk2yAa
HP Notebook 15AY542TU 156Inch Laptop Core I3 6TH GEN 4 GB RAM DDR4 1 TB HDD rs31000 a hrefhttpsamznto2Ot0ZqLhttpsamznto2Ot0ZqLa
Dell Latitude 3480 Core i3 6th Gen 4GB RAM DDR4 500 GB HDD 14 inch ScreenUbuntu Laptop rs 29990 a hrefhttpsamznto2LJCcAphttpsamznto2LJCcApa

High performence laptops
HP Spectre Pro 13 G1 133inch Laptop 6TH i76500U8GB512GBWindow 10 proIntegrated Graphics a hrefhttpsamznto2GyM60Yhttpsamznto2GyM60Ya

Samsung Notebook 9 NP900X5NX01US 150 Traditional Laptop Light Titan a hrefhttpsamznto2wV7WMJhttpsamznto2wV7WMJa

Microsoft Surface Pro 4 Intel Core i5 512 GB 16 GB RAM a hrefhttpsamznto2kbVRtuhttpsamznto2kbVRtua

Apple MacBook Pro MLH42HNA 2017 15inch Laptop a hrefhttpsamznto2LfubQFhttpsamznto2LfubQFa

Dell Inspiron 15 7000 Series 2 in 1 156 a hrefhttpsamznto2GvT0Ephttpsamznto2GvT0Epa

Dell New XPS 13 XPS 9360 133inch Laptop a hrefhttpsamznto2IAGo0whttpsamznto2IAGo0wa

Dell XPS 13 Dino 2 Z560041SIN9 a hrefhttpsamznto2rW7x7Phttpsamznto2rW7x7Pa

1 Microsoft Surface Book 2 Intel Core i5 8GB RAM 256GB 135
by Microsoft PC
134500 a hrefhttpsamznto2sU35XDhttpsamznto2sU35XDa
2Microsoft Surface Book 135 i5 256GB MultiTouch 2in1 Notebook Silver
by Microsoft
94000 a hrefhttpsamznto2JxetDghttpsamznto2JxetDga
3 HP Spectre x36015
147395 a hrefhttpsamznto2l4qstlhttpsamznto2l4qstla
4 HP Spectre x360 15BL152NR 2in1 156 4K UHD
by hp
117888 a hrefhttpsamznto2MnJM0Vhttpsamznto2MnJM0Va
5Dell XPS 13 9365 133 2 in 1 Laptop FHD Touchscreen 7th Gen Intel Core i77Y75 8GB RAM 256GB SSD Windows 10 Home
by Dell Computers
114999 a hrefhttpsamznto2LHJ9hJhttpsamznto2LHJ9hJa
6 ASUS VivoBook S Ultra Thin and Portable Laptop
77900 a hrefhttpsamznto2LKQXPGhttpsamznto2LKQXPGa
9 Apple 133 MacBook Air Silver
by Apple
81698 a hrefhttpsamznto2sRWwonhttpsamznto2sRWwona

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