10 Private Islands for sale

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Be Amazed at these top 10 beautiful islands nobody wants to buy! Poveglia – There’s a very attractive island for sale in the Mediterranean, just off the coast of Italy and only a gondolas ride from the heart of the picturesque city of Venice. Getters Island – If you don’t want to get away from it all and fancy an island nearer to civilisation how about Getters Island, a pleasant wooded island situated in the Delaware Riverjust a hundred yards from the town of Eston. Little Rocky Island. How about a Canadian island residence just off the coast of Nova Scotia for only 98,000 Canadian dollars? Fort Carroll – Fort Carroll is an abandoned fort, built in the middle of the Patapso River during the American Civil War to protect the approach to Baltimore. Half Island – Half Island is in Canada. It’s stunning natural beauty is less than a mile from the mainland and located close to Walkerville, a small community in Cape Breton and is 16 kilometresfrom Port Hawkesbury where you’ll find all the requirements that today’s civilisation offers. Motu Matatahi – French Polynesia is one of the most spectacular and beautiful parts of the world. Daksa Island – How about a stunning Adriatic location? Daksa Island is on the market for just 2 million euros. Snake Island – Even if you had the cash you couldn’t buy this picturesque island just off the Brazilian Coast. Isola La Gaiola – Would you like to own a Mediterranean island in the stunning bay of Naples? Pitcairn Island – Even if you can’t afford to buy your own Pacific Island, the next best thing is to just live on one for free, and although it sounds too good to be true, such an offer does exist!

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