10-28-2018 Church of Christ the Savior Sunday Evening Service

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The Myth Of Christianity

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January: Leaders’ Devo | Life Without Limbs

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Leaders our service to God should never hinder us from being filled up by His presence ourselves This 2018 be refreshed Experience Him again and His fullness like never before To connect with us socially follow us on Facebook wwwfacebookcomlwlhope

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Session 8 – The Blessed New Covenant Standard – Zac Poonen

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For more sermons and books authored by Zac Poonen, please visit www.cfcindia.com Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel (CFC India): https://www.youtube.com/c/cfcindiaVideos To watch the Live Streams of our Sunday Services and Conferences, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel (CFC LiveStreams):

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